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Multiple names, one account

I'm needing to relate only one name to an account number. Basically I don't want duplicate account numbers when more than one name on account. I know pivot tables would be the obvious solution but it doesn't provide the data export function I'm needing. Help please.

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Re: Multiple names, one account

you can export data from Piovt tables hence you ca happily use your pivot table if everything's working fine.

What kind of data export you need?

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Re: Multiple names, one account

u can export to pdf......u can create in seperate sheet and right click on that pivot table u vil get option export




Re: Multiple names, one account

I'm wanting to export to excel. You can export to pdf, however my experience has always been using any option other than the actual export data option doesn't give you all of the records. This is a problem as I need to be able to export and send the Excel file to others.

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