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My First App

I am having problems in building my fisrt application. I have to files i am trying to link, one is 2013, 2014 and 2015 Budget and the other is 2014, 2015 losses, both have similar information: región, country, dates, etc.

Itried to créate a bar chart using date (year only) as dimensión and as measrues the sum of Budget and sum of losses. The built chart shows the information incorrectly, data is not correct it does some sort of acummulation(not sure).

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

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Re: My First App

Please post an app that demonstrates the problem. Most of us can't read minds nor binary files on computers we have no access to.

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Re: My First App

Does your Budget and Losses table have same fields & information?

If not, then how you have build your data model?

Tables and their linking?

Any Cross table, you have used?

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Re: My First App

Not same fields, but same information,. i am linking the tables using the date field.

No i have not use any cross table

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Re: My First App

Hi, Victor,

I think your problem is to link the tables first.

Pls check the ways to link tables  Understanding Join, Keep and Concatenate

And at the same time, you can open Navigation->Data model viewer to check whether all your tables are linked correctly.


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Re: My First App

Will do thanks. Zhihong