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My Wish List for Qlik Sense

Below are my thoughts and would like to hear if someone has any other wishlists like me

Voice Analytic's: (like Siri or Cortana)

User should be able to ask questions like below and sense should automatically compile these voice and should show the relevant information.

  1. "Show me my sales today"
  2. "Why Territory A is not doing well in California"
  3. "Show me my targets for today" -- For Sales Rep
  4. "Nearest practitioners who prescribes DrugA" -- For Sales Rep

Another addition will be great if sense can read the output of the above voice entries through speaker, that will open up another portal of users (Blind People).

I think it will be great start if voice recognition comes in sense "Global Search".


We have very limited alert mechanism in current Qlikview and so far i haven't seen any alerts in sense. My wish is to have a event based mechanism that triggers/fires a alert to user independent of weather user is logged in to this app or not.

  1. One way of doing it is user will setup his alerts, say if sales in Region A drops below 70% then alert me. This is user driven.
  2. Lets take it one more step further, sense has to have an ability to track the past based on user activity in the app (Activity based on user selections, sheets he is on, or objects he created, etc..)and compare with the future and fire an alert if there is a change that impacts his business, even it is good or bad.

Predictive Analytics: 

There are some examples floating around in the community to integrate "R" with qlikview, but it should be offered as a out of the box solution from sense or qlikview to predict the future.

Allow user to add personal data (in Server):

Currently user can drag and drop the data on to sense to upload. But when you publish users wont be able to access the underlying tables or QVDs which in-turn they can not upload the data to the existing apps in server environment.

So my wish is to allow user to upload his data to the app in server environment and needs a mechanism to validate the data and need to direct the user to have the proper relations to avoid synthetic keys and circular references. And mainly when user tries to upload sense should just do an upload/append to current app not reloading the entire script again which is time consuming for large apps.



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Re: My Wish List for Qlik Sense

Hi Phani,

Thank you for your feedback.  Regarding voice analytics, this is something that is definitely achievable in Qlik Sense.  Since Qlik Sense is built with open APIs, someone could extend interface to include voice recognition.  In fact, a technology example of this was done with QlikView a while back.   http://community.qlik.com/blogs/theqlikviewblog/2011/12/23/q-your-business-discovery-personal-assist...  Qlik Sense has been built specifically so that it can be extended both others.

The other features you mention would pertain to the server which is yet to be release so I can't comment in detail except to say these topics have come up before as potential product directions.

Thanks again for your feedback,


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: My Wish List for Qlik Sense

Hi Josh,

QlikSense experience is awesome.  But there is only some new features remaining are exists in Qlikview itself.

Some more wish list from my side applicable for both Qlikview and Qliksense.

- In built connectors to connect sources like SAP, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, etc., instead of going for 3rd party connectors, currently it is there in Tableau, so that there is no need to buy any other licenses additionally.  Also if is from Qlik the support the trust and support will be better.

- Need to add some additional in built charts like Word Cloud, Calendar like in Outlook, Orgnization Chart etc, instead of going for Extensions.  If

- Should have the ability for the user to select the Dimension and Measure in the charts on the fly, I think in Qliksense also it is not there.  For this we need to enable the edit mode then only we can change the dimension/measures in the charts.

- Export the multiple chart objects to various sources like Excel, CSV, Powerpoint, Image, PDF, etc., currently we can export only one object to Excel or CSV, to export multiple objects we need to go for Macros.  When we go for macros there are lot of limitations.

- Help file should be more descriptive, the current Help (F1) is not that much descriptive.

- In built Master Calendar generation with some GUI interface (by giving start and end date as input), it should generate a variety of calendars like we need to Fiscal Calendar, select first month of year, first day of month, Lunar/normal weeks, etc.  Currently it is available in SSAS (Microsoft SQL Server).

- I think it is better if we add some audio (commentary) to the Storyline, so that it would be more useful.  No need to explain about the charts everytime to others.

- Inbuilt variety of color themes (Different color sets) in Color tab, currently we have only one (Get Default Colors in Qlikview also 12 and 100 colors in QlikSense)

- Stacking the bars - selection should be provided for the Developer/User to select the expression to stack and others as normal. (Suppose if we have 3 three expression, there should be an option to stack 2 expressions and one normal).  (Created an Idea long back Stack selected expressions instead of all the expressions).  Ideas posted in community should be considered and implement in Qlikview / Qliksense if not possible atleast reject those ideas.

- Default Paging implementation in Table charts, currently there is no such restriction so application freezes some times (although we can restrict this through selections but there should be some paging implementation so that the performance is better).

- Position of legends (top/bottom/left/right) should be flexible, currently it is bit difficult to manage.

- Default colors for Selected(Green)/Possible(White)/Not Possible (Gray) should be made as configurable, so that the developers can change accordingly for the themes.




Re: My Wish List for Qlik Sense

Thanks for the additional feedback.



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Re: My Wish List for Qlik Sense

I would like to see a tighter integration with Statics/ Predictive analytic. At least something similar to R in Tableau.


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Re: My Wish List for Qlik Sense

My wish list

I think it is easier for a user to make a comment in a visualization than it is to make a complete story or a presentation. The challenge is of course to link the comment to the correct selections. Comments in Stories, Bookmarks or Sheets is a good thing and I think it should be good if it were constructed like a discussion board.

.qvd –layer
Instead of building .qvf for creation of .qvd I would like to see a .qvd-layer inside the repository with the load-script directly inside the repository. It would then be possible to supervise data in .qvds and see what fields that occurs in several .qvds.

It doesn’t seem to be any alert function in QMC when jobs have failed.

QlikView-functions I miss:

§  Cyclic dimensions

§  Hide/show

§  Actions

§  Trellis and pivot (as standard)



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Re: My Wish List for Qlik Sense


Check out this extension  - http://webofwork.com/qlik-sense-voice-control-extension-for-accessibility/

It gives Qlik Sense some voice command functionality which might be a start of something similar to your suggestion for voice recognition