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Name lines in caption via formula

Hey everyone,

I have a linechart, where I want so show Sum(Sales) per Year in 5 different lines.
My Dimension ist Year and I manipulate the lines via formula as follows

1. Sum (Sales)  -> all Sales

2. Sum({<Type = {"Agency"}>} Sales) -> only Sales from Agency

3.  Sum({<Customer = {"=Rank(Sum(Sales),4)=1"}>}Sales) -> Sales TOP1

4.  Sum({<Customer = {"=Rank(Sum(Sales),4)=2"}>}Sales) -> Sales TOP2

5.  Sum({<Customer = {"=Rank(Sum(Sales),4)=3"}>}Sales) -> Sales TOP3

My question is now: how can I name the lines in the caption of the TOP1, 2 and 3 customers in the chart by their customer name ? I tried =IF(Aggr(Rank(Sum(Sales),4),Customer)=2,Customer), but that doesn't work.


Thanks in advance for your help!


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