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Need Help With Qilk Sense Enterrpise

Dear all,

I downloaded Qlik Sense (Enterprise Version ) and installed on my AWS Windows Server 2012 EC2 instance. I have few questions and I appropriate our help in advance. I have developed an dashboard/Sheets (Stream/App)

1- How can I share this application to people remotely? Is it possible to share this through the web? How?

2- Imagine my app has 5 sheets. how can I restrict one user A to be able to see sheet 1,2,4 and user B to sheet 3,5?

The challenge that I have is, I dont know to access to y AWS machine from out site (under than remote desktop)? I am able to ping that machine but when I try to telnet to that machine on port 80 which is open. I gt connect faild



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Re: Need Help With Qilk Sense Enterrpise

For Sheet/App level security follow the below links

Sheet or App Object Level Security Qlik Sense

Video Link : 3762

I'm not sure about 'sharing app'?

You can share your application if you develop in HUB by publishing it. If you do not publish, it will be only available to you and available to others only if you publish that app.


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Re: Need Help With Qilk Sense Enterrpise

Thanks for your quick response. The app has been published in Hub but i would like to know how , for example, business team, can see the sheets/graphes? I assume, there will be an URL, so i can give it to business team , so they can see the application. Am I right?

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Re: Need Help With Qilk Sense Enterrpise

Sorry for the late reply and Yes there will be a link, same like Access Point in QlikView.

If you are Publisher Admin/Content Admin/Root Admin/ Security Admin in QMC then you can create a New Stream for that App, publish the app in that stream, assign tokens to users and also add users to to the security rule when creating stream and pass on the link to to users.

Please go through the below link and also search for same in community (more on publishing/assigning tokens)


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