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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need Previous Quarter data


Load * from Table

where SubmitDate >='2021-07-01' and SubmitDate<='2021-09-30';

when I hard code the dates like this it is working as expected. I want this date to work dynamically like I should get dynamically get previous quarter data . Now Quarter 3 data ,Next Jan 1-2022  I should get 4th quarter data dynamically. Can some one help me with the formula? 


Thanks in adavance!

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Master III
Master III

You asked this just yesterday, and never responded to the suggested solution...


Contributor III
Contributor III

Yesterday's solution didnt work as expected. I tried to use in my where condition SubmitDate BETWEEN ('$(vStartDate)' and '$(vEndDate)')and it didnt work. If i go and see my report submit date and i am seeing all dates unders submit date instead of 07/01 to 09/30 2021. I am looking for other solution which works in my scenario. Thanks!