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Specialist II
Specialist II

Need for a Mashup


I have been using Qlikview for a long time thought of Qliksense now for a Client.

I see that Qliksense lets the Developers create Mashups which helps in integrating objects from multiple Applications and host them on a URL.But I am unable to figure out why exactly shouold someone use Mashup when we have Access Point to host the applications with essential SEcurity Roles

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Qlik Sense can't use the Qlikview Access Point. And in the Qlik Sense Hub you can only open single apps. If you want to combine visualisations from multiple apps in one html page then you need to create a mashup.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Thanks @Gysbert_Wassenaar , but I do not understand why would you want to combine multiple apps into one, we never faced that situation in Qlikview , is it a way to achieve document chaining in Qliksense?



In most of the cases it is not about integrating 'multiple apps' but 'multiple charts/vizs' from multiple apps. Such requirement is not very rare in business.