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Need help: Numbers are not correctly showing

Hi, I am doing an analysis on Qlik Sense and trying to get the headcount month on month. Post uploading the one headcount sheet, plot a bar graph to see the month on month headcount. Numbers were reflecting fine. But when I have uploaded few more sheet like separation , salary etc. numbers are not showing correctly. It is happening only when synthetic keys generated.

Is there some precaution required when columns are identical in different sheets. Please suggest.......... This is spoiling all my efforts........

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Provide sample data or sample app along with the expected output.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Please rename the identical column and make it unique.

only leave the column identical if you want to make an association between the sheets ,

if multiple columns are required to make an association then concatenate them and make a key


Qlikview sense does not have separate data for each sheet.

There is a single data model that is common to all sheets.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

And remember to use COUNT(DISTINCT [employee]) if your columns contain values you don't intend to count more than once.

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Thanks everyone for your guidance.. This has helped a lot