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Need help with an Expression.


My data contains an OrderEndDate, OrderStartDate, OrderNumber.

I calculated the number of days using the expression : [OrderEndDate]-[OrderStartDate] and named it as Date_difference.

Now the next step I want is,

For a given OrderEndDate,  get a list of OrderNumber on that date and also get the sum of Date_difference.

I need help with this and which expression I should write.

Thank you.

2 Replies

Can we see your data?


you should only need sum([Date_difference]) but it will depend on how you are trying to display it.

If you are using a table or line graph then OrderEndDate will be your dimension and sum([Date_difference]) will be your measure.

If you are using a KPI object then you will need a filter box with OrderEndDate as sum([Date_difference]) will default to all records.