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Need help with something like Distinct


So i've been building charts and found a lot of invisible information thanks to Qlik Sense. So right now i'm counting all the actions what clients did in my mailserver. For example:
I sent out 400 emails
300 of those got opened or Viewed
Total clicks out of that 300 was 170. Distinct clicks was 140 and non distinct were 70.
The thing is that if i use "Count(distinct{$<action_type={'Click'}>} action_email_right)" then i also get all the clients who did 2 clicks cause they also did the first click (so this function counts all the emails who did atleast 1 click).

I figured this out on a Bar chart by reading other posts and i created this:



if(aggr(count({$<action_type={'click'}>}action_timestamp),action_email_right)>10, '>10 Clicks',

if(aggr(count({$<action_type={'click'}>}action_timestamp),action_email_right)>=5, '5 to 10 Clicks',

if(aggr(count({$<action_type={'click'}>}action_timestamp),action_email_right)>=2, '2 to 4 Clicks', '1 Click')))


if(aggr(count({$<action_type={'click'}>}action_timestamp),action_email_right)>10, 1,

if(aggr(count({$<action_type={'click'}>}action_timestamp),action_email_right)>=5, 2,

if(aggr(count({$<action_type={'click'}>}action_timestamp),action_email_right)>=2, 3, 4)))



Looks like that:


I really need to figure out how to get this into a KPI chart, since with IF function i will get atleast 2 values.
So what i really want is all the emails who did just 1 click on a KPI chart and emails who did 2 clicks or more on a KPI chart.

Thank you in advance!