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Nested Table

test.PNGHello Qlik Community

I need help creating a visualization that shows players and staffs of multiple basketball teams. My goal is it to show the number of people in each position on the team and the total number of different staffs titles on the team. I understand the concept of the drill down of making it for each conference, then division then by state and team (some locations have multiple teams in state) but I am struggling to see how should the table look to properly import it to Qlik.

This is my rough draft




Is this a good starting format?

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Re: Nested Table

I'd use your current template, but split it up.

You load the data from your table at the detailed level, as in C=1, PF=3,... and so on.

Then I'd do a second load where I match Players with their roles and Back Office with their titles.
This load can be done inline, or from the same file as the data, though using the same file, you'll have to watch out which columns you decide to load in. (As in column 5,6,7,8,9 are Player roles and columns 10,11,12 are Back Office titles).