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New Insights for Qlik's Customer aT, Using Qlik Sense

Sue_Macaluso_0-1659978976465.pngThe Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT) is a government organization that promotes the global trade, export, and marketing of Korean foods and beverages. Previously, aT’s users could only access fixed and standardized reports developed using complex processes such as step-by-step data processing and database design. Insights were often out of date, difficult to access, and lacked accuracy.

Utilizing Qlik’s data analysis and visualization features, aT has been able to develop a big data analysis platform driven by customer perspectives such as annual trading volumes and monthly price trends for specific agricultural products. aT can now quickly analyze data relating to products, prices, trading volumes and locations, and access insights in one place.

Key benefits for aT include increased consistency and accuracy of analysis, and significant savings in both costs and time, as data is updated quickly and easily. aT has recorded large increases in usage by both internal staff and general users following the deployment of Qlik, including a 36% rise in the number of users over the previous year.

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Sue Macaluso
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