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Contributor III

New Multi KPI color change based on Measure value

Hi Team 

I am Trying to give color to my multi Kpi based on my value.Means if i have negative value then it should show red colour if i have positive value it should show green value.

This is my formula for variance.i want to change the variance kpi color based on my value.In this picture variance -694 should show red color because it is having negative values.

sum({1<Country=p(Country),Type=p(Type)>}[Latest estimate])


Screenshot (31).png





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Answer is "No"

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

@sarithaallot @Anil_Babu_Samineni 

These days it is possible:

Variance is below zero and it is redVariance is below zero and it is red

You have to:

  • add Measure (Master item) for Variance
  • define Segment colors for Variance (Master item, Measure)
  • select Conditional value color for Variance measure on your's Multi KPI object

Master items, Measure - Segment colorsMaster items, Measure - Segment colors


Defined Segment colors for Variance measureDefined Segment colors for Variance measure


Multi KPI - Conditional value colorMulti KPI - Conditional value color