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New Qlik Sense, Automatic connections?

Hello guys, most of you are probably familiar with the new licensing policies of Qlik Sense.

With the introduction of Professional/Analyzator licensing model of Qlik Sense, the user gets a license to use Qlik Web Connectors as well.

So this made me thinking.

I have made a very good analysis with 30+ sheets, which uses data from web connectors(facebook,google,youtube,twittter)

The analysis is based on my company's public profile and social medias.

But now, with this new licensing model, I would like to start selling this application with Qlik Sense.

So my question is this.

Can I make automatic connections to Web File in Qlik Sense.

For example I have an excel file with 50+ web file connections generated through Qlik Web Connectors's.

Can I make my Qlik Sense Application automatically update all data connections from this excel file?

Thanks for your time !

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Re: New Qlik Sense, Automatic connections?


Not a hundred percent on what it is your trying to achieve, but if i follow you right, use variable in the script and load them from the excel file.

So add a variable name column to the excel document and add something like the below script







(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Expressions);

//The below  loads the variables from the temp table and creates the variables in the application

   for i = 0 to NoOfRows('Variables')


    let vVariable = Peek('Variable',$(i),'Variables');


    let $(vVariable) = Peek('Value',$(i),'Variables');


    let vVariable = Null();



let i = null();

DROP TABLE Variables;



Re: New Qlik Sense, Automatic connections?

I want to make Connections to webfile, and then get data from this connection.

Because Like in my case i got 50 different connections, and If i want another user to use my application, he has to change this 50 connections mannualy, which is troublesome, because he May miss some connections etc.

But I don't think there is any way ..

Looking for any insights into this