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New to Qlik Sense

I have a couple of questions as I am new to the application. First of all, when creating a story, I cannot get the embedded sheet message that pops up in the middle of the screen to go away and I also can't do any type of formatting. The bar comes up if I click on it but it's creyed out. Also, in the sheet option, I cannot get rid of the graph that appears below the one you are creating. Can anyone help?

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Re: New to Qlik Sense

Hello Kristin,

Welcome to the forums and Qlik Sense. Are you using Qlik Sense Desktop, Cloud or Server? I ask because I am not sure what level of access you have to the Data Story telling interface within the app. If you are in Server and using a published app that is available in a stream, you will not be able to create / edit a story if you are not the owner.  If you are using Desktop or Cloud and have created an app, visualizations and taken snapshots of your visualizations - you should be able to easily create a story. I'd like to see if this is just a education thing, or if there is an actual product issue with the behavior you are describing. Take a look at these resources also, if you still have an issue, please send us some screen-shots and steps to recreate the issues you are encountering.

Have you seen these videos in our online help - they show exactly how to use this feature.



For your reference there are also other videos in the community here:

New to Qlik Sense Videos

Other questions - only applies if you are using Cloud / Enterprise - what browser are you using?

If using Desktop, what operating system are you on?

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Mike Tarallo