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New to Qlik- Understanding Static Visuals vs Dynamic

Hi all

I am an extremely new user to Qlik with minimal training. I have tried watching some video tutorials but i fear that my lack of knowledge henders my searching for the right answer, so I hope you can help!

All my charts are built, but where i am struggling is how to make One chart Static and the other dynamic. Here is my scenario:

Example: How many days does it take for our product (let's say Jam Jars) to make it from a wholesaler warehouse back to our corporate office.

I have three charts total:

Chart One: a bar chart that shows our days at the warehouse by count of orders pending and needs to remain STATIC (unchanged regardless of filters)

Chart Two: a Tree Chart to show the order distribution between each wholesaler (so we can see who has the most orders vs smallest).

Chart Three: The exact same as chart one, however i do not want this to be static and instead correlate with my tree chart selection

What the final results would look like:

Chart One gives me an understanding of overall, which is why it's important that it does not change.

Chart two will allow me to select wholesalers who have a higher volume in orders, then chart two will give me the ability to compare against my chart one.

Anyone can help?

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Re: New to Qlik- Understanding Static Visuals vs Dynamic

You can make it happen using something called 'Set Analysis'.

Broadly, what you would do is in your first chart, change your measure function to include a set of explicitly selected options that ignores the current selection.

Here's an example:

Ignore selection in an expression (Set Analysis)

There are a lot of other resources to help you with this concept. If you can post a sample .qvf, or examples of your formula text we can help with syntax, should you need that.

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Re: New to Qlik- Understanding Static Visuals vs Dynamic


May be you can try using the Alternate states  or set analysis by ignoring all the fields.




Re: New to Qlik- Understanding Static Visuals vs Dynamic

Kaitlyn -

Consider using Set Analysis to control what happens to your chart calculations when a selection is made. For instance, in chart one, you can use 1 in set analysis to avoid any selections impacting your chart - hence only showing a total. Set Analysis is VERY powerful.

Set Analysis Video:

Help System:

Introduction to Set Analysis (video) - Part 1

Check out the Guide: "Script Syntax and Chart Expressions"


Help System:


There are a TON of resources available.

If you are new - I strongly recommend checking out:


Re: New to Qlik- Understanding Static Visuals vs Dynamic

Totally agree! Be sure to check out my favorite utility: The Set Analysis Wizard. Helps you with examples and exposes the capabilities of this powerful function.

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Re: New to Qlik- Understanding Static Visuals vs Dynamic

Awesome thank you so much! I think my biggest problem is not being familiar enough with what to research/google/youtube but these are great starts and I will definitely check them out!

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