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Nprinting Issue

Hi Guys.

I am trying to add a new object table into my already existing Nprinting Excel Template

However when i preview it does not appear..

This is not a specific object. if i was to add any table object on it does not show

Any ideas guys?

The current template previews 13 coulmns, However it does not show the latest added one.

I have saved it several time.

I cannot show you due to security reasons

Any help appreciated

Thank you

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Re: Nprinting Issue

Before that

Do following:

1. Reload the metadata

2.edit the designer

3.delete the existing table

4.re add the table

5 right clik the table

6 update the table

7 drag the columns which is required


9 preview.

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Re: Nprinting Issue

Unfortunately the New column is still not showing< i have tried running it through email and it still not showing.

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Re: Nprinting Issue

Hi Aaron,

some more information would be helpful.

Which version are you using? Are you connecting to QS or QV. Are you connecting to server or local file?

Try restarting NP services and then try the steps from Chanty again.