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Contributor III
Contributor III

Number of Days Since x and Max Days Current Year

I have a bar chart showing a number of incidents on each date with some preset filters. The code I used to make this was:

=Count({<Formality={F}, Type={P}, Responsibility={MS,S,TW,U}>}No)

I'm having trouble deriving the number of days since last incident and nothing I've tried so far gives me a date from which I can extract a day number. For example : (Max({<Date={"=$(=Max(Date))"}>}{Formality={F}, Type={P}, Responsibility={MS,S,TW,U}>}No))

I'm also having trouble finding the max days without an incident in this current year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Would you be able to provide some data and provide the expected output from the data provided to help you better?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Unfortunately I do not have the permissions to send over qvds with data. I'll try and explain this a little better though. We have customer incidences being graphed against days. In the picture posted you see the last data point on 7/4/2018. The code I used to graph that data and preselect certain filters was:

=Count({<Formality={F}, Type={P}, Responsibility={MS,S,TW,U}>}No)

Knowing that today is 7/18/2018 how would you make a formula to show how many days there have been since an incidence. In this case the correct number would be 14.

Also, how would you make a formula to find the max days of no incidences.

Sorry I cant provide data right now. I will try and work on making that available.