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OR Function

Hi friends,

I am using the below formula in Qliksense to make a 'if' condition. No error is found but it is not working.

if("Category"=CAT 1' or 'CAT 2' or 'CAT 3' and isnull("CAT 0"),'Date not updated','Date is updated'),

Here i am using a excel file in that   "Category" and "CAT 0" is Header. In "Category", if CAT 1 or CAT 2 or CAT 3 is specified then Date of the Updation should be specified in "CAT 0". This is my criteria. Please help me on this.

Thank you

Happy New Year to all

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Re: OR Function

Try this instead

If(Match("Category", CAT 1', 'CAT 2', 'CAT 3') and IsNull("CAT 0"), 'Date not updated', 'Date is updated')


If(("Category" = CAT 1' or "Category" = 'CAT 2' or "Category" = 'CAT 3') and IsNull("CAT 0"), 'Date not updated', 'Date is updated')

New Contributor III

Re: OR Function

@Sunny T,

Thank you Sunny, the first one is working great.

Re: OR Function