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Office Seating Chart


I am attempting to do a combination of heat mapping and geopointing sort of.

I'd like to upload a map (not necessarily a country or the world), but a seating chart for a sporting venue for example.

The map would be clearly numbered if need be.

Then I'd like to have data tied to those numbered sections and use a heat map type function to share the section based off of the associated values.

For example I may be looking at Average Season Ticket prices for the Philadelphia Phillies, I would upload data stating sections 101, 102,103 all cost $1000 each, while 104,105,106 cost $1200 each and so on. Then within the map associate that mapping using some version of heat mapping.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @timmason21 

I recently saw this very cool post on LinkedIn where @JordyWegman explains how you can do a floor plan analysis. I'm still planning to have a more in depth look at it when I get time, but it seems like you might find it helpful. I just saw in the comments of that post that @Patric_Nordstrom also mentions this example also using GeoAnalytics.




Thanks Mauritz, that sounds exactly like what I am looking for, I'll check it out!