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One important question , please !

Hi , can anyone answer me that , is it possible , if we after making visualization and making storytelling of several slides of some data sources ( actually we have finished it before ) we needed to change some port of it or add new data or generally something more to it and edit it again , should we restart & remake it from the first point or if we can ! how exactly it is possible ( is possible to change or add new data sources in Association view and Table view and it will update our visualizations and slides automatically  ) ??? because if we can not , Qlik sense is very time-consuming and isn't very useful for our routine life , this point is very very important to me so please , please someone answer me please , thank you very much

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Re: One important question , please !


Any Qlik Sense application you use can be infinitely changed and expanded.

To add new data sources, you need to change the script code and reload all the data.

In order to get new information from already connected data sources, you just need to download new information by running the application script.

After any reboot, all visual images are automatically recalculated.

The usefulness of using Qlik Sense/QlikView is determined by the degree of novelty of information that management receives to support decision making. In large organizations, there is always the problem of analyzing data from disparate sources. In small organizations, management better perceives the numbers and the state of the business without any calculations, so it is much more difficult to justify the necessity of using Qlik Sense/QlikView.

In any case, the main thing is the degree of novelty of information obtained on the basis of visualization Qlik Sense/QlikView. It is necessary to search for the answer to the question: what will management receive in exchange (how much does this information cost for business) in comparison with the costs of using Qlik Sense/QlikView? If the cost of information on the basis of visualizations is higher than the cost of using Qlik Sense/QlikView, the question of expediency will disappear by itself.

This is just my personal opinion.



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Re: One important question , please !

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Re: One important question , please !

Thank you very much mr Andrey , your answer is very comprehensive and i understood many new things

And really grateful for spending your time for me

Best regards ,


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Re: One important question , please !

Thank you ,your answer is very short but very useful and practical