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Opinions? Possible transition form QlikView to Qlik Sense while maintaining guided analytics rather than just self-exploring

Hey Everyone,

I currently work at a company which has implemented Qlikview, which is working great and is a great improvement over our previous reporting. I've started to see more and more of Qlik Sense, and I love it because of two reasons: 1) It seems that some of the coding burden has been lightened somewhat and 2) The visualizations are much much better than Qlikview (QlikView does not have a polished visual look without a ton of tweaking and work or extensions, which is frustrating) and it has been made clear by several Qlik execs (through personal conversations at conferences and Qlik events) that there will be no more work or improvement on the visual aspects/polished nature of QlikView (which is also frustrating, but understandable as they want to push customers to their new awesome platform).

On of the issues that a colleague at another Qlik customer has raised, is that they are not particularly interested in the self-exploratory nature of Qlik Sense. From a number of conversations, it seems that yes, QlikView requires more coding and developers who can build the documents, but Qlik Sense requires individuals who really really know the data well and how it all fits together. The concern is that certain users are not data-savvy enough to ensure that everyone is arriving at the correct conclusions from the data. So they want to stick with Qlikview because it's much more focused on guided analytics rather than self exploring. However, they won't get the new visuals, new features like the Qlik Story feature, etc.

While these conclusions may be incorrect, I'm hoping to get your opinions, as Qlik Sense users. Is it impractical or difficult to keep a focus on guided analytics once you've moved to Qlik Sense? Is it more so that Qlik Sense allows it to be much more open-ended, but cna be restricted somewhat for a guided analytics use case? I'm hoping the answer is a yes, because I'd like to get us on Qlik Sense but keep our use and method of end user consumption the same.

Maybe a few of you who have moved from QlikView to Qlik Sense can discuss how your organization handled the change and if the method of consumption and exploration with your dashboards actually changed or not?

Thanks for your info and opinion.


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Re: Opinions? Possible transition form QlikView to Qlik Sense while maintaining guided analytics rather than just self-exploring

‌hi Richard, we are in a similar(ish) situation , so would be keen on others opinions.

From what I have seen so far, I don't think we could completely transition to qliksense, as we can do much more in qlikview.  our QV apps are where there is detail and specific functionality and I just can't see how we can replicate that without dumbing things down for the user and losing that flexibility.

having said that we are about trial qliksense as we see the value in the unguided, story telling side.  this is because qlikview serves a good purpose to some users ,but qliksense will allow more of our power users to take advantage of the additional capabilities.

i do think it will depend on your individual situation and use case, unless you are brand new to qlik my guess is that a lot of customers will use both for sometime or just stick with qlikview until sense becomes what they hope it will be.

qlik have a pretty complex internal sales360 app.  I think if they can migrate that to qliksense then that will be a good marker for others to do the same....


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Re: Opinions? Possible transition form QlikView to Qlik Sense while maintaining guided analytics rather than just self-exploring

I asked users what they preferred (using the free sense download. We have purchased View).

Qlik Sense won hands down. There was no comparison (I was surprised how strong the preference was but now after having used both myself I can understand why. The more I use it the more I prefer sense).

But I set all the the visualisations up. Every single one. And it was much quicker to do this than using Qlik View (so its still like guided analytics really but I would prefer users move to self service but many will not)

So self-service data discovery is possible and some users will benefit from it (hopefully more as time goes by if it is purchased). Others will not. It's an additional options that does not need to be used.

There are other reasons to convert to sense apart from this one. And it doesn't take that long as the script and metrics are the same. The new visualisations are quick to set up.

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