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P&L Pivot Chart Extension - Load the style template to your app as one field?

Maybe this is obvious to most out there but the instructions for the P&L Pivot Chart Extension aren't clear to me.  Specifically around how to use a style template.  It says:


Styling the chart using a style template

You can create a layout for the chart, for example to show a profit and loss report, using a style template.

Note:You need to be able to add and load a CSV file to the app.
  1. Create a style template as a CSV file. Use the style template format described below.
  2. Load the style template to your app as one field. When you add the file, do not use semicolon as field separator, each row should be loaded as one field.
  3. Set Style template field under Appearance > Table format to the name of the template field you added.

You can load several style templates in your app, and change the layout with Style template field.


Ok.. so how exactly do you "Load the style template to your app as one field"?

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same question.