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PII information (How to hide this in QS?)


I have sensitive data in my application and i have a KPI where it should be calculated using Phone Number. I am using model in QlikSense and this field is part of my model. Though i am not providing phone number information directly in master item, still when user create chart he/she can able to see this field.

How can i mask this information, i need this field but want to scramble the information in the fields. This Phone number repeats for the same customer multiple times.

Do we have any function to scramble the information?

Thanks for your help.



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Re: PII information (How to hide this in QS?)

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Re: PII information (How to hide this in QS?)

1) you can, as mentionned by Anul, use hash on ur fields to "scramble"; but this is not very secure if some users have access to the script..

2)Scrambling via the Dev-Hub in qlik sense

Please refer to this:

Data Scrambling in Qlik Sense | LinkedIn

3) scramble in qlik sense - extension:

GitHub - q2g/q2g-ext-scramble

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Re: PII information (How to hide this in QS?)

I think you can also store the used KPI into a Master Measure, and write a Security rule, which gives access to this KPI only to specific users which you have allocated to a group.

My rule is

((user.@AppLevelManagement="Sales") and (resource.objectType!="measure" or resource.name="SalesSum" or resource.name="RegionsCount"))

In this Rule, i have stated  that, all people which belong to the Custom Property "Sales", can see the measures "SalesSum" and the measure "RegionsCount".

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