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Pareto Chart

Hi All,

Iam new to Qlik sense, can any one help me how to create Pareto Chart, please find below my requirements.

not able to write expression for height of the line.

Dimension : Category

Measure1 : Count(count({$<Status = {'C1', 'C2'}>} RN) ------> Heigh of Bar

Measure 2: ? (heigh of line for pareto analysis)

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New Contributor III

Re: Pareto Chart

Are you trying to add the 80% and 20% reference lines?

Re: Pareto Chart

Create Combo chart

Dimension: Category

Measure 1:  count({$<Status = {'C1', 'C2'}>} RN)

Measure 2: rangesum(above(count({$<Status = {'C1', 'C2'}>} RN),0,rowno()))/
$(=count({$<Status = {'C1', 'C2'}>} RN))

Set measure 1 as bar chart and primary axis. Measure 2 as line and secondary axis. Set Measure 2 Number formatting to custom and the pattern to '# ##0%' for percentages.