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Paretto in Qlik sense


I need to make a Pareto graph with its respective table.

The data are the following:
- Department
- Date
- Account code
- Account
- Money
- Accounting account

I need to be able to filter the data according to:

- Month

- Year

- Accounting acount

- Department

- Paretto Group (A, B or C)

Additionally, I want the bars of the graphic to be colored according to the following:

- Group A: red

- Group B: yellow

- Group C: green

Y axis values:

- Group A: accounts that represent 80% or more of the prorated money

- Group B: accounting accounts that represent less than 80% and 50% or more of the prorated money

- Group C: accounting accounts that represent less than 50% of the prorated money

I created the variable vParetto like this:

Aggr( If((Rank(Sum(Dinero*Porcentaje),1)-1) / count(distinct total (Dinero*Porcentaje))< 0.20, 'A',If((Rank(Sum(Dinero*Porcentaje),1)-1) / sum( total (Dinero*Porcentaje))< 0.50, 'B', 'C')),Descripcion)

and used the same expresion in the graph (“Appearance” – “Colors and Legend” - "Colors") and in the filter "Paretto", but it´s not working in any of the 3 cases. The filter is not working properly either.

I will appreciate any help you can give me

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Re: Paretto in Qlik sense

did you go through this already?

Recipe for a Pareto Analysis – Revisited

Learning never stops.
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Re: Paretto in Qlik sense

Hi Pradosh,

yes, I did it.

But it´s not working either:

The % are not properly calculated

Apparently, "desc" it´s not working, and I don´t know why.

I´m using Qlik Sense Desktop, february 2018 version

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Re: Paretto in Qlik sense

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