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Partial Reload question

I need to do a partial reload, however, I want to do it all in the .qvw scripting.  Is there a way to set a parameter in the script so that IsPartialReload comes back with a 0?  It's not possible for me to use the api and there cannot be any person interaction.  If there is an easier way to append data to a table in memory, please let me know. 



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Re: Partial Reload question

I think you need to explain more on what you want to achieve. 


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Re: Partial Reload question


Yes we can use the function ISPartialReload function in the script or there is an option in QMC where we can pass a parameter and decide whether we want a full load or Partial load.

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Kiran Kumar

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Re: Partial Reload question


Thank you for your reply.  How can I set ISPartitalReload to 0 so the code knows I want to do a partial reload?  I can not do an API call, there isn't going to be a button to push.  Where is the option in the QMC in Qlik Sense.  Can I set this parameter in the scheduler?  We want the reloads to work without any human interaction.

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