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Partial reload in Sense


I am trying to reload some data partially in my sense app.

I could not see any option to partial reload in sense

Is it possible to reload data partially in sense ?

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Re: Partial reload in Sense

Hi Quinton,

There is no option for partial reload in this version of Sense. There are some different suggestion that might be possible as workarounds:

  • Binary Load the QVF itself and then add your own data to it
  • Create two sets of QVDs. One with partial amount of data nd one set with the full amount of data.
  • Use syntax "First X" to load x number of rows for each primary load in the load editor
  • Use Limited Load in the debugger mode



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MVP & Luminary

Re: Partial reload in Sense


Check this link below it is available from 2.0.1 version

Qlik Sense Partial Reload - now possible (>=2.0.1)




Re: Partial reload in Sense


If you  want to use partial reload then here is the link where you can download the extension.

GitHub - mhamano/Qlik-Sense-Reload-Button: Reload Button for Qlik Sense