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Passing Filter Values from one Qlik Sense app to another QS app

Hi Forum,

Is there any possibility to pass the filter values from one App to another App.

Example: 1st App: If i have year wise sales revenue and the values are like

                              Year               Sales Amount

                              2010               100 M

                              2011               150 M

                              2012               200 M

               2nd App: I have year & day wise sale amount and the values are like

                              Year         Day                   Sale amount

                              2010         12/10/2015          50 M

                              2010         12/09/2015          50 M

                              2011                ""

                              2012                "" 

in the first app if i select year called 2010 i should go to my detail app with the selection of 2010.

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Master II
Master II

Hi Bharat,

Document chaining is not fully functional in QlikSense yet and can be expected soon.


You can do this, but not within the framework of the hub...

You would need to setup the target app to launch with a single configurator URL.

If you go to http://<server>/single you will notice you can generate a parameterized URL to a sheet .

There is nothing from stopping you to drill from a Qlik Sense summary app in the hub to an app launched via URL. You will likely need to use an extension to 'launch the URL'. The idea is to use a Qlik variable to dynamically change the URL based on user selection so that when you drill it passes the correct context.



Take a look at Emulating document chaining in Qlik Sense

It demonstrates technique Jonathan says about.