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Percentage table


This table shows per Prodexchange a monthly Quantity, say September.

How can I get % change compared to previous month (August) in the column next to Sum([#Quantity])??



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Re: Percentage table

Would you be able to share a sample to test this out?

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Re: Percentage table

Let's say the month field is "RollMonth" and you have selected "Sep 2016".

You have another field called "Date".

Here is the measure that you need to use to have the quantity for previous month.

sum({<RollMonth=, Date={">=$(=monthstart(max(Date),-1))<=$(=monthend(max(Date),-1))"}>} [#Quantity])

You should be able to figure out the change % using this.

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Re: Percentage table

hey fei, thats helpful. I now have this, according to your formula, for the second #quantity column:

sum({<Month=, Date={">=$(=monthstart(max(Date),-1))<=$(=monthend(max(Date),-1))"}>} [#Quantity])

How would I then make the next column the percentage % cahnge between 1st and 2nd column?


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Re: Percentage table

got it thanks!

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