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Performance and Optimization Best Practices in QlikView & Qlik Sense

Hi Data Lovers! This is my first post and I have one doubt, We have a enviroment with Qlik Sense and this is too slow, when I open QlikSense in the first time it loads everything in an instant, but when I'm using  some filters the slowness is absurd and it takes minutes to show the data!

I Have a cluster with four machines with 20 Cpus and 250GB each and they are at all times no more than 30% use, that is, on average they use 80GB each, I believe that everything is underutilized, the scariest thing is the S.O os this machines is paging around 50GB, wich form me is a absurd! But I do not know about Qlik Best Pratices to make sure this is a problem!

If you can help me, i'll be very grateful!  🙂


1) We have any datasheet or documents about Windows(S.O) Best Pratices for QliekSense or QlikVIew?

2) Someone have any idea what can impact slownes in filters?

3) Someone have any documents of best improvments utilizations for QlikSense or QlikView?


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