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Personal 'Work' stream is shared?

Hi Community,

I am guessing this is some QMC setting, but I can't seem to find it...I have a Qlik Sense server that multiple users are currently using and the same day someone mentioned they were altering security settings and creating groups, everyone's personal work space became shared. Everyone is now able to see any apps I create in my work space, and I can see theirs. We basically have one giant work pool now. Is there a way to reverse this to everybody having their personal work streams back to normal?

Thank you.

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I had a similar problem some time ago and fixed it by adjusting a security rule.  I had implemented GSS.  So I had to adjust the rule for Root Admins.  I had to change the context to Only in QMC and then unchecked the Export data box.

The issue is in a security rule change that was made.


Hi. We have a situation where a client is insisting on sharing their work streams. So I'm looking to get to this situation, that you were trying to get out of. Do you perhaps know how you got into the situation?