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Photos in qlik sense

good morning

I would like you to help me, I do not know how I can upload photos in qliksense, for qlikview I have in mind that I can do it from the script with this sentence "Bundle Info", but I can not use it in SENE.

My App is developed for a brand of clothing but they want that when selecting a model the photo of it appears something like this but in Sense someone will know how to make it

attached file of Qlikview, this same thing I want to do in QlikSense I hope you can help me

Thank you

Greetings Luis Espinoza

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Re: Photos in qlik sense


Re: Photos in qlik sense

Hi Luis!

I moved this to the 'New to Qlik Sense' space, as you should receive better help here.


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Re: Photos in qlik sense

Hi Carmen!!

thank you very much

Greetings Luis Espinoza

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Re: Photos in qlik sense

I think with this extension it is possible


In the script you should do something like this


Load * INLINE [

    Model, Image

    Model1, http://localhost:4848/content/default/Model1jpg,

   Model2, http://localhost:4848/content/default/Model2.jpg


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Re: Photos in qlik sense

Move your Image file to Qlik/content/default/your image file or folder

and use the following extension

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