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Creator II
Creator II

Pick Match Function - not ignoring selection in Set Analysis

Hi All,

I have below expression and it is not ignoring the selections on Year and Month Columns.

Match(Only({<[Month Name]=, Year=>}KPI_Name), 'Personal Cost', 'T&M'),
SUM({<Account_Id={'1180'},[Month Name]=,NumMonth_Code={"<=$(vMonthNo)"}, Year=>}Amount_m_USD),

SUM({<Account_Id={'1186'},[Month Name]=,NumMonth_Code={"<=$(vMonthNo)"},Year=>}Amount_m_USD)


if the same expression is written individually (i.e. without Pick -Match function) it is working perfectly fine. It is ignoring the selection made on Year and Month column.


Could anyone help me what mistake I am doing in expression.


Thanks for your help in advance!



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Creator II
Creator II

it's weird by getfieldselection option is working correctly.

My only concern is if number of KPIs increases in future, nested if condition will increase as well. 

Which will impact the performance.

Any workaround for this?



Is KPI_Name is Island field? If so then I don't see any impact. But if it is field in your Fact data table then definitely it will have. So better separate it out the KPI_name field from your large fact table

Creator II
Creator II

KPI_Name is separate Island field coming  from  Island table. This field is not part of the fact table. 


Thanks for your help 😊