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New Contributor

Pick match with multiple matches combinations

Hi I need a pick match that allow multiple selections

e.g: if A then 50  ok!   it shows 50

        if B then 50   ok! it shows 50

      if A and B   selected  then 50    ERROR

Cause this is an A and B match not just a single match

or it might be "A and B and C   selected" then this value


In my searches I have found already this type of syntax:

Pick(Match([Cancel flag] & [Cancel status], 'NY','YN'),Red(),Green())

But I need something like this:

Pick(Match([Field] ,// A and B selected together  'A and B', //only 'A', //only 'B', +1 ),1,2,3)


Thks guys

I love this pick match combination haha

I hope you can solve my problem