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Pie, Bar chart - displaying data

Hello community!

You are always helpfull so i have to ask you.

My question is:

For example: I have customers (a b c d e) and some measuring(sales). I did put it into bar chart and pie chart. Is there any option for these two charts - via Filter pane (for example) choose customer and see his part on market comparing to others? Because if I choose one customer it shows only his sales per month. I cant stack bar chart per "customer" because I have more then 30 rows(customers) in dimenstion(customer).

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Pie, Bar chart - displaying data

Hi benkodom

Let say you have created a bar chart where you have four customer with respect to sales , now what bar chart does it give you share of each customer on sales , Now I donot think you need to select one particular customer and see it because you already can see it. same is for Bar chart. Yes what you can do , Consider Bar chart if you have many values and try to use sorting . or show top 5 or bottom 5 so you will have different insights.