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Pivot Tables and Master Items

I am new to Qlik and have taken over previously built apps by a coworker that left our organization.  I tried to find a solved similar issue, but wasn't able to find it.  Probably due to not asking the right question.

I want to know if I can get this to NOT show (or at least show zeros) for my Outpatient Charges when I have patient type "I" selected in my master items filter.

Pivot Table Totals 6.25.19.JPGMaster Items Filter 6.25.19.JPG

I know that the Total Charges are correctly calculating, and that the columns are calculating correctly, but how do I get the totals column to calculate correctly?  It causes confusion for some end users.  My formulas for each measure are as follows:

Inpatient Charges: SUM({$}Charges)
Outpatient Charges: SUM({$}Charges)
Total Charges: Sum(Charges)

The row value is current year: IF(Year = $(vReportYear), ' ', NULL()) <--I think this may be where my issue is??


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