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Pivot Tables in QS Need Improvement

Pivot tables out of the box needs improvement:

1) Ability to expand/collapse all

2) Mixing pivot and straight tables together, so that you can pivot on select dimensions

3) Column width needs to be adjustable. Auto adjusting sucks especially in longer tables.

Screenshot of what I mean..

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Re: Pivot Tables in QS Need Improvement

You're right John.

We really do need at least these improvments.

Very difficult to explain to end users that they have to export the table to excel in order to read the values.

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Re: Pivot Tables in QS Need Improvement

Hi John

Have you tried either

  • Changing the field name to a shorter or longer one 'Customer  Number' to Cust Num or CustomerNumber
  • Reducing the characters in a column eg --> left ("Customer Name" , 15)

I have done one or both and it improved matters. If it didn't I used a straight table instead. But agree further improvements could be made to the PT. I'm sure this will be done in time

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