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Pivot table expression in load script

The formula below is being used in a pivot table. I think it is the main reason for 'exceeded allocated memory' and 'object out of memory'.

I want to implement this expression in the script. vR1 and vStoreRole are the variables being used in the formula.

SignFlag gives 0 if it is null and 1 if it is not

Table used for Role and RoleID. Multiple 'Role' are selected from the listbox using checkboxes to be used in the formula

Role RoleID

Manager 1

Specialist 2

Partner 3

Staff 4


(Num(Aggr(Count({<RoleID = {"$(vR1)","$(vR2)","$(vR3)","$(vR4)"}>} Distinct SubphaseReference), EngagementKey)


Aggr(Count({$<SignoffFlag -={""}>} Distinct SubphaseReference),EngagementKey) *100,0) )

=-1, 0,

Num(Aggr(Count({<RoleID = {"$(vR1)","$(vR2)","$(vR3)","$(vR4)"}>} Distinct SubphaseReference), EngagementKey)


Aggr(Count({$<SignFlag -={""}>} Distinct SubphaseReference),EngagementKey)







vStoreRole=Concat(Distinct RoleID,',')

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