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Pivot table on QlikSense


How do I load data from Excel and work on it? When I drag the Pivot table icon from the Charts selection, I can only add one dimension and one measure but I need all the fields from the original pivot table.

The YT video Qlik Sense developer tutorial - YouTube assumes data has been loaded, but I want to know how to reproduce the same sheet - Fruits and Vegetable Sales, starting from loading the data to creating the same table as shown in the video. Also where can I download the Fruits and Vegetable datasets from QlikSense? BTW, Is there a way to convert dates to months in QlikSense, or must I group them in Excel first before I load to QlikSense?

Please advise.


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Hello Sim,

More measures and dimensions can be added via the measures property panel or by dragging and dropping measures / dimensions / fields from the field lists or master items - on top of the pivot table chart object.

Have you seen these videos - I am not sure if you can view them where you are located (office firewall / country restrictions) - but they will show you this process:

Loading Excel and File Data (video)

Qlik Sense - Using the Pivot Table Object (video)

from this video index: New to Qlik Sense Videos

In the above video index you will find many informative videos that will help get you started:

This one Understanding the Master Calendar (video) - will show you more about date functions.

Let us know how you do.

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Mike Tarallo


Mike Tarallo