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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pivot table to ignore the Total for some rows and Total column should appear on the right side

I am new to Qlik Sense and I am really struggling with my issue. I have a pivot table with 1 calculated Dimension (Last 12 Months) and 3 Measures as Rows. (DVA, NAV and Absolute Performance). 

1. I don't want to show the total of NAV but the total of DVA and Absolute Performance should be visible 
2. I want the total should be on the right side of my table


Pivot Table.JPG

My Dimension is also calculated is Date is 

= Date(If(date >= AddMonths(selectedDate , -11) and date <= selectedDate, date), 'MMM-YY') 

where selectedDate is an island date which the user selecting from a dropdown. 

Please help!!!!


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It looks like Qlik Sense doesn't allow the totals Qlik auto-generated column in the pivot table to be moved to the right side.

Below is a thread with similar issue with answers of this behavior.