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Please help on Qliksense scheduling

Hello Everyone,

Please help me into below issue at Qliksense

I have apps created at hub, In apps i am loading Facts and Dimensions.

Dimension Load will happen once in day

Facts load happen once in hour

i need to run facts and dimension apps automatically once the ETL load is happened.

Can any body tell me how to do this

Thanks in advance


Sreeharsha V

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Re: Please help on Qliksense scheduling


I checked any additional features on Qlik Sense Help but could not find any.

So I will try to explain what we do in QlikView so it should apply on Sense as well.

- After ETL finishes, insert a record on a table on ETL-side indicating completion of ETL times.

- Create a Sense app and read that table. Check if ETL finished on time today (regarding on your condition such as Today()) etc.

- Make the app fail if timestamp of ETL completion is old and make it success if it is right or vice versa. This app just checks the ETL time(ETL_check.qvf). Define a task to it.

- Define a task to your main app (main_app.qvf) such a trigger on completion of ETL_check.qvf.

Hope it's clear.