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Plotting data from table


I need to show dated data as bars (daily data shown by week, month or year), and have lines show the average of the last X months in a combo graph.

The issue is with the average : I either have 


RangeAvg(Above(Sum({<Week=,Month=,Year=>}[MyData]), 0, $(LastX)))


in which case this works fine until I want to filter only on say one month, because the line part of the graph stays as it is ;



RangeAvg(Above(Sum([MyData]), 0, $(LastX)))


in which case the problem is that when I filter, there isn't any data 'above' so the average of the last X months is the one month's data.


Therefore : I would like to have a table in which the values would be calculated with the first formula ; and then draw graphs from that table.

I know this is an excel way of proceeding ; but I need to be flexible on this, the $(LastX) variable is tied to a slider, and the bars can be seen weekly, monthly or yearly ; so I don't think there is an exhaustive way of doing it in loading script.

Having a table reacting to those user changes while using unfiltered data for the average, and getting those values into a graph that will have correct info at the correct scale.

Any help greatly appreciated, thank you in advance ! 

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