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Poblem whith column order Sense to Excel


Hi, I have a problem when trying to export to Excel in Sense. I the table I have a measure in column 2 (need a row number based on current selection). The problem is that when exported the column is no longer nr2, it is now sorted by dimensions and measurements.

I need them to be in the original order. How do I get that? I’m currently using the built in export data in Sense.


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Re: Poblem whith column order Sense to Excel

Hi Chris,

Currently this is an expected behavior of Export Data in Qlik Sense. The columns are ordered in such a way that Dimension Columns are kept left and Measure Columns are kept right.

Example : If we have Dim1, Meas1, Dim2, Meas2 . The export data column order will be Dim1, Dim2, Meas1, Meas2.

A bug as been reported already, this might be fixed in future releases. Meanwhile you can also refer any extensions which might help you on this issue.

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