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Power Bi Dashboard migration to Qlik Sense

Hi Qlik Team,


my client already have Power BI dashboard and now we need to convert that Pbi dashboard into Qlik Sense(QVF) so if anyone have any steps or any documents which we need to follow it will be more helpful to us.

here are our basic question:

1)What are different Databases/Schemas/Tables/Fields used in Pbi and how we will fetch all the data in QS?

2) is there any conversion tools available for PBI--> QS 

3) once we fetch all data into QS then, How we need to confirm our QS data model is same as PBI data model?


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Contributor III
Contributor III

I am not aware of any tools to help converting from PBI to QS. With that said, you should be able to leverage much of the work already done in PBI in converting to QS since both tools are similar enough.

Fetching Data: PBI has Get Data which is how you connect to your data. In QS, has Add Data which is how you connect to your data. In the example of a database, both will require know the server name, database name, and account credentials. In PBI and Qlik Sense, the developer can either select tables to pull in or execute a custom SQL query to extract the data. In terms of fetching data, PBI and QS are quite similar which will allow you to reuse your queries to pull the data.

Transforming Data:  In my experience, here is where things can become a little different. Both PBI and QS have GUIs to allow for transforming the data. If you want to parse data, remove characters, add a field, then PBI Power Query Editor and Data Manager are similar enough. On-the-other-hand, if you want to use QS script editor, which I would highly recommend, then you will need to learn QS syntax to convert PBI transformations to QS. With that said, I do not think picking up QS scripting is difficult.

QA: When everything is loaded, the first thing you can do is confirm the data models look the same. In PBI and QS there are Data Model viewers which allow you to look at the data model. Secondly, I recommend selecting 5 to 10 measures and charts. Build the charts out in QS and compare to PBI. If the numbers tie out, then the models are the same. I do offer a word of warning. In PBI, filtering can be one direction or two directions. In Qlik Sense, everything filters everything. This is not a big deal if you build a star schema. If you do not, then I wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

Once you get started, I think you will not find the conversion difficult. I started with QS, went to PBI, and now I am back in QS. I was able to learn what I needed to know in both tools pretty quickly.

Good luck. If you get stuck on anything, feel free to ping me.