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Contributor III
Contributor III

Pre-Selecting a dimension & making the chart dynamic

I have the following requirement : Urgent

I have the attached chart "Chart_Overall" in Qliksense created from dimensions Week(1,2,3,4) and Item (Cap,Helmet,Bottle, Random) with measure sales.

What is need is that when the dashboard is opened the chart should be pre selected on Item -"Cap". And i should also be able to change selections on the chart using Item as a filter as well.

Till now i'm able to make the pre selections in the chart but somehow the chart is not changing dynamically after selections made from  Item filter.

In the chart I'm using the dimensions as Week, Item and

measure as

=if(getselectedcount(Item) = 0,Sum({$<Item= {"= Item like 'Cap*'"}>}Sales),

Sum({$<Item= {'$(=GetFieldSelections(Item))'}>}Sales))

Any  help would be appreciated.

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May be this

=If(GetSelectedCount(Item) = 0, Sum({$<Item= {"Cap*"}>} Sales), Sum(Sales))

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Sunny,

I had tried this before. With this i'm able to get pre selections but the chart is not dynamically changing on the Item filter.

I would be interested in seeing a sample where this isn't working. That will help me understand what you might be doing differently. Are you able to share a sample?