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Contributor III
Contributor III

Presentation from Qlik Sense

How does everyone present their Qlik Sense files?  I like Qlik Sense.  But once I have all my pages nicely created, how would you present it to a client?  In PowerPoint, you click "slideshow" and it fills the screen and gets rid of all the desktop junk (browser tabs, icons on the bottom row, etc, etc).  What do you do in Qlik?  I want the data to be interactive, so I don't want a story with static screenshots, I don't want to export to PDF and have the data static.  And it's a mess trying to do this in NPrinting.  Just wondering how everyone else presents their finished, interactive apps....  Thanks!

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You could try to present your qs app in your browser in full screen. Alternatively you could do a storytelling in Qlik Sense, it's a bit like PowerPoint,  but you have interactive data and you can jump back and forth into your QS sheets as well.


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