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Contributor III
Contributor III

Preventing a selection in a chart from working on a table


I have a Qlik Sense dashboard that uses a table to display the employees' information. For example, only certain users are allowed to see the Ethnicity column. Using Section Access and OMIT, that is working properly. 

The problem is I also need to display Ethnicity  in a line chart. So I added another field, ChartEthnicity, and I use that in the chart. That also seems to work.

The next issue is that the users can click on one of the Ethnicity lines and it filters everything (as it should).  However, I need to prevent the selections (on some fields) made in the chart from working. Otherwise, the users would be able to determine, in the detail table, which Ethnicity the employees are.

How can I have fields that are only available to select users but still show those fields in a chart? (I guess I solved that one?) Additionally, how can I make it so some of the selections made in the chart do not filter on the table?

Thank you for the help.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

This is a very relevant question, in my view; however, there are yet no answers here since 2018, so perhaps a refreshing could be good. I need to apply the same limitation for different reasons from time to time, so any help appreciated. (Making a specific field on a chart or table or across the app unselectable / unfilterable /unclickable. (This is not a question of putting [1] in the set analysis, though).