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Previous Quarter Growth


i'm new to qliksense and i'm currently having trouble calculating previous quarter growth in a graph.

I'm using a Combo Chart, with the sales by quarter.

In the database i only have the quarter with the following format "2017 Q2".

How can i create the growth in the graph?

I was using this formula "(Sum(PerIodo)/sum({<PerIodo={"left(PerIodo,4)-1,' ',right(PerIodo,3))"}>}Quantia))-1" but it is not working.

I also read in the forums to use As-Of table but from what i was able to understand it needs to have the date (DD/MM/YYYY).

That information i don't have.
Can anybody give me a hand?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

if you have "date"  field

Try this in editor


LOAD .......,



Dual('Q' & Ceil(Month(Date)/3) & Year(Date), QuarterStart(Date)) as quart




in the table or chart

sum({$<quart={$(=ONLY(quart)-1)}>} Sales)

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

I haven't got any date field, hence the problem.

The only field i have is Quarter --> "2017 Q2"

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

Check this out.

(Pls ignore the two variables, I am not using them at all. They are for helping another person, not for this case.)

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

Hi Fei Xu,

first of all thanks for your reply.

From what i understood you loaded the information (sales and quarter) in the script.

The thing is my dataset has currently 173.111 lines ranging from 2015 Q1 to 2017 Q2.

Am i understanding correctly?

Also i wanted the Previous Year Growth and not previous period growth.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

I can't get where do you find this troubelsome?

You can just have your Qarter field as a dimension, and as a measure having 2 measures:

- sum(expression)

- (sum(expr)-above(sum(expr)))/ above(sum(expr)) and format it as % (secondary axis)

You'll have your graphic as follow:


see the attached app !

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

Hi Omar thanks for the reply,

but i don't want Previous period growth but previous year growth.

I want to have (2017 Q2 / 2016 Q2) -1 (PYG)

Is it possible?

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

Image 010.jpg

I am not sure if this is the result that you were looking for? Comparing previous year by quarter?

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

Hi Jason,

thanks for the reply.

What i want to have is for each quarter a bar chart with the sales of the quarter (axis1) and a line / symbol with the previous year growth for that quarter (axis2).

The previous year growth would be calculated with = (QTR 1 YEAR 1 / QTR 1 YEAR - 1)-1

The thing is in my current datased i only have QTR as a time dimension, no date, hence the problem.

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Re: Previous Quarter Growth

Try again the new test file?

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