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Creator III
Creator III

Previous Year's Quarter

I have tried the below expression to calculate Previous Year's quarter of current selected quarter. I have select the current quarter Oct-Dec 2017 in filter. I could not get the previous year's quarter Oct-Dec 2016?

= If(IsNull(GetCurrentSelections()) or (QuarterEnd(Max(TransactionDate)) = QuarterEnd(Today()))

, Sum({<TransactionDate  = {">=$(=(Date(QuarterStart(Max(TransactionDate ),-5),'YYYY-MM-DD'))) <=$(=(Date(QuarterEnd(Max(TransactionDate ),-5),'YYYY-MM-DD')))"} >}BilledAmount)

, Sum({<TransactionDate  = {">=$(=(Date(QuarterStart(Max(TransactionDate ),-4),'YYYY-MM-DD'))) <=$(=(Date(QuarterEnd(Max(TransactionDate ),-4),'YYYY-MM-DD')))"}>} BilledAmount))

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Creator III
Creator III

Hey stalwar1

          ‌‌ can you help me out with this?

Thanks and Regards



maybe this:

Sum( {< TransactionDate = {">=$(=QuarterStart(Max(TransactionDate),-4))<=$(=QuarterEnd(Max(TransactionDate),-4))"} >} BilledAmount )

I hope it helps.